Youngbee Dale is the CEO of Dale Consulting. She published studies on the subject, including Money Laundering in the Commercial Sex Market in the United States (2019), Beyond Massage Parlors: Exposing Commercial Sex Market of Korean Women in the U.S. (2017), and Setting the Captives Free: A Compilation of Essays for the Abolition of Modern Slave Trade Worldwide, Chapter 5: Money Laundering and Global Human Trafficking (2007). 
Since 2005, she has worked with anti-trafficking professionals and entities including the United Nations Regional Office in Thailand (2010), Federal Bureau of Investigations in Norfolk Office, VA (2011-2012), Domestic Violence Task Force in Harrisonburg, VA (2014), South Korea Ministry of Women and Gender Equality (2018), International Conference on Organized Crimes and Terrorism (2018), and New York State Office of Victims and Crimes Conference (2019). 

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