Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to develop programs, training, and other necessary tools to equip professionals to combat trafficking more appropriatelyWe particularly assist financial institutions  to create redflag list, and KYC list for financial institutions based on the real time data available in the black market. For more information, contact: ybdale@gmail.com 


We have trained multiple professionals in the anti-trafficking field. Our past trainees include New York Office of Victims of Crimes (2019), International Social Justice and Human Trafficking Conference(2018-2019), International Conference on Organized Crimes and Terrorism (ICOCT), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agents (2018), Domestic Violence Task Force in Harrisonburg, VA (2015), Virginia state law enforcement (2017) among many others. 

Research & Analysis

We specialize in providing expert  knowledge on human trafficking and related criminal activities through Open Source Data Analysis.  We have published two peer reviewed studies on human trafficking.